My Favorite Classic BW Clifford Candy and Snack Articles

Eating candy is great but learning about candy is even cooler. This is a collection of resources related to educating the candy and confectionery consumer. These links are also accessible throughout our site however for your ease I collected them all together for easy reading a reference. A educated consumer is our favorite customer. I am sure once you shop around you will quickly realize the service and value BW Clifford brings their customers. Please make sure to visit our "Candy News" Web Log. It has the most latest content related to our industry plus special information on new products an limited edition items. Please post comments so I can get your feedback. You can also use our RSS feed to keep your Google, Yahoo or other home page up to date automatically with the latest candy information.

Our Guide to Expand a Candy Store

Wholesale Candy

Mints and Hard Candy

Chewing Gum

Candy Bars

Chocolate Candy

Halloween Candy

Funny Stories

Candy History Time Chart

History and News of Candy Industry Manufacturers and Suppliers

Sugar Free Chewing Gum Statistics for 2008

Native Beans Yield Regionally Flavored Chocolate

Candy Industry, Innovation and Simplification

Not Your Average Chocolate Candy Bar

Chewing Gum, Antioxidants and Energy

Candy Manufacturing

Evolution of The Candy Store

Organic Candy

Healthy Chocolate Candy Ingredient Alternatives

Confectionery Industry Sales

Turbulent and Successful Times For The Chocolate Candy Industry

Todd Stitzer The Man Behind Cadbury Adams

Artificial Sweeteners, Guilt-Free Sweets, Risk and Benefits

Dove Chocolate Moments

Sour and Sweet Candy Enjoyment

H.B Reese- The Man Behind the Reese Cup

Licorice Candy, from King Tut til Today

Harry Potter Candy by Frankford Candy Company

Marshmallow Candy Facts

Trident Gun Chew for Smiles

Orbit Gum History

I hope you enjoy reading these articles. Some of them are actually referenced in Wikipedia for general public information.