Unfortunately on January 31st 2015 there was a Nightmare on Elm Street a fire destroyed my parents building and business. After a long career in the candy business my father at 82 years old decided it was time to retire. In memory of the good days we had I’m keeping the BW Clifford web site content. I want to thank all our great customers for working with us for so many years.

Shop our complete selection of candy bars, mints, and wholesale candy here at B.W. Clifford Inc., your online candy store. We sell the most popular items when it comes to buy candy online such as Stride Gum, Hershey Bars, Tic Tacs, Trident Gum and Wrigley Gum, all at the best prices.

After more than 65 years and three generations, B.W. Clifford is more than just another candy store, we know how to deliver fresh, quality candy, snacks and gum in an efficient and affordable manner. As a wholesale candy, snack and NJ cigarette distributor our pricing is perfect for fundraising, corporate events and convenient stores.

For product information or any assistance to buy candy, please call us at (973) 539-1400. For the best in all things delicious, from candy to salty snacks, check out the candy store B.W. Clifford Inc.

Wholesale Candy

At BW Clifford Inc. we strive for satisfied and happy customers. Our basic philosophy is to provide quality merchandise and great service. We have found that consumers quickly realize the savings in time and money when shopping for wholesale candy with us. Once you set up your account you can repeat orders with a minimal effort at whatever frequency you choose. Include the cost of gas, time lost driving, the hassle of fighting crowds in large discount outlets, trying to park the car, loading the car, driving back to your destination and you quickly find the convenience of wholesale candy shopping. I hope you enjoy shopping here and continue the long and growing list of customers.

Our customer base includes many different types of clients including convenience shops, corporate offices, hotels and many individuals. We have an extensive inventory and a well-established supply chain. Our buyers search for great deals to pass on to our customers. BW Clifford Inc. has provided merchandise throughout the United States as well as various countries. We want to be your wholesale candy distributor and supplier. We sell to a large amount of corporations, gift shops, hospitals, news and convenience businesses, sports leagues and individuals who want to buy at a discount. Please look over our web site and feel free to call if you have questions, need help, or would like to learn more.


Our primary product is candy. Our store is full of great sweets and we sell tons of it. You can shop by viewing our candy collection or shop by major manufacturer. The store is designed to offer you a complete collection of the most popular candies sold. I tried to design the online candy store for ease of use by our customers. You can shop by manufacturer, product name or category. We have many product groups so you can shop by subcategory for example all snickers are in one product group called snickers. We have candy from all the major manufacturers including the big four being Hershey, Master Foods, Wrigley and Cadbury Adams including references to related sites.

The hard candy category in our store is a collection of mints and other items such as Life Savers, Altoids, Tic Tacs and Certs. We also offer product groups for your shopping ease. Below the product groups are individual listings of each hard candy product that we sell. We also have a category of sweet candy which is great for the holidays such as Valentine's Day and to make for happy times. Another wonderful selection is our great selection of concession candy for sport leagues to select from (such as baseball) and sell at the snack stands. Additional special categories are for sugar free, kosher, and gluten free candy. Many of these categories have information links to other sources to support your buying decision.

Candy Bars

This is one of the major categories in our store, candy bars are our specialty. We have a complete collection of chocolate, sweet, hard, and crunchy products. The candy bar category has a complete collection of the bars which we offer. This section of the online candy store is also set up with subcategories and product groups of candy. For example you can shop by box count. So let us say you are interested in seeing all the 36 count candy you can use the candy 36ct subcategory and see all the candy bars at once. You can also shop for candy bars by product group. For example if you want to see all the Snickers candy bars you can go to the snickers product group and see all the snickers candy bars on one page. We also list all the candy bars separately below the product groups as an alternative for your shopping ease.


All our chocolate is regularly inventoried, rotated and fresh. You can be assured of a full shelf life for all our chocolate products. We realize how in today’s environment that some suppliers are selling old or short life chocolate. We check all our dates to assure you will receive fresh chocolate. We also have a web page dedicated to chocolate education. This page offers extensive research regarding chocolate manufacturing and the history of chocolate. It also has information on the proper way to store chocolate. The most popular chocolate brands are M&Ms, Hershey, Reese, Snickers, Kit Kat, 3 Musketeers, Butterfinger, and Milky Way.

Chewing Gum

You can buy chewing gum of all types at our store such as Dentyne, Trident Gum, Bazooka, Big League Chew, Bubble Tape, Bubble Yum, Eclipse Gum, Stride and Orbit Gum. Chewing Gum truly is wonderful. We have many different brands and flavors of gum. There is also a great educational section which lists all the different Chewing Gum and provides some history of Chewing Gum. This section also talks about the associated manufacturing processes.


We have a great selection of Wholesale Snacks such as Cookies, Crackers, Nuts, Chips, Snacks, Beef Jerky to eat and enjoy. We have a wonderful collection of Slim Jims and Jack Link Beef Jerky. Once you enter this part of the store there is a complete write up on the Beef Jerky manufacturing process, a little history and then two easy to shop in product groupings, one for Slim Jims and one for jack Links. These items are also listed individually at the bottom of the page.

Our cookies are also very popular. Some examples of favorites are Famous Amos Cookies, Keebler Fudge Cookies, Lind Cookies, Mrs. Fields Cookies, Nabisco Chips Ahoy, Nutter Butter, Oreo Cookies and Snackwells. We pack all our cookies safely to assure they arrive satisfactorily to your location. Crackers such as Nabisco Cheese Nips, Ritz Chips, Ritz Bits Cheese, and Cheez-It snack crackers are also great for your store or even your kids lunch. We carry all the convenient sizes. In addition to these snacks we carry popcorn, Chex Mix, Combos,and the very popular Pringles.
Introduction and Candy Videos

In order for you to get to know me and our product better I prepared various videos including an introductory video and some fun product video. In the introductory video I give an overview of our candy store and discuss some of our business objectives. I hope you enjoy shopping our online store and take advantage of the convenience our Convenient Candy Store offers. Time permitting I will add more.

BW Clifford Front Window
BW Clifford Promotion Window
Ron Bernstein (right side) owner BW Clifford he is my Dad and awesome Father.
BW Clifford orders for delivery
BW Clifford store interior view

In memory of the good days of BW Clifford Inc, it should live on in web content.